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Network Flexibility With ComNet's range of Wireless Solutions

Quick View:
• Secure Encrypted Link
• Based on Ethernet WLAN technology
• Pre-configured wireless kits - paired Access and Client and ready to deploy
• Deliver new Ethernet connections with minimal cost and disruption to the site
• NO need for drilling holes, NO pulling cables and NO significant infrastructure costs!

Scalable, Flexible, Cost Effective & Future Proof Solutions from ComNet

Feature packed solutions:
• Mini and Full Size Units 
• Up to 500 Mbps total throughput
• License Free 5GHz Band
• IP67 Enclosure
• Kits for single and multi-camera links
• P2P / P2MP / Redundant Ring Topologies
• Industrial antenna 19dBi gain, 17° beam width
• Mounting Kits
• Easy to read LED displays
• Lifetime Warranty | Industrially Hardened

Perfect for:
• Installers and Integrators 
• Upgrade & Expand IP Networks
• Security of Outdoor assets (e.g. substations, water plants, cell towers, solar farms etc.)
• Easily moved around a site
• Ideal for temporary sites or fixed installations
• Less disruption for the end customer
• Saving time and money
• Providing environmental benefits

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